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 Tips & Tricks

The Wedding Car Network have compiled the following list of handy hints and tips which can be used as a checklist to ensure you recieve the best from your wedding car hire service.

There is no other element that creates a spectacular arrival than the wedding vehicle that you and your wedding party arrive in. Wedding cars play a key role in making magnificent entrances and nothing beats the pleasure of traveling in opulent luxury and style. That's why selecting the right wedding car to compliment the style and theme of your event is crucial.

 Selecting The Cars

Get Everyone Involved !
It is a good idea to get both the bride & groom involved when deciding on wedding cars.

How Many Cars?
Decide how many will be in the bridal party as this will determine how many wedding cars are required your wedding car hire company can assist you in this. It may be that you need 2 cars in order to get the wedding party to the locations in the right order and on time.

View The Cars
Always, always see wedding cars before you book. sit in them, and imagine yourself on the day. Will your dress fit.

Quality V Price
Choose quality over price. That great deal that you have secured won't seem like such a great deal if it arrives unclean and with scratches - not the best backdrop to your wedding photos.

Book Early
It is also important to book your wedding cars as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Most couples book them as soon as they've set the date, particularly if they want to use a rare or vintage wedding car because these are snapped up very quickly, especially on Saturdays and in the summer months.

It is important that the wedding car you hire complements the colour theme of your wedding, so don't go for a bright red wedding car if your theme is ivory and pastel green. It's also worth checking before you sign the hire agreement if the wedding car hire company is willing to match the ribbons and flowers in the car with your dress or colour theme. These days you'll find that most firms will offer this service, but if they do not, ask if you can provide the right coloured accessories for the wedding car on the day.

Just as important as getting the colour scheme of your wedding car right, you should also ensure that the style of the wedding car reflects the style of your wedding. If you're going for a traditional or classical style wedding then a vintage Bentley or luxury Mercedes might be the best wedding car option. But if you're planning an original wedding or something a little different, why not look into hiring a quirkey wedding car?

Like colour and style, you'll also need to consider the size of the wedding car you hire. You need to make sure that the wedding car is big enough to fit the bride and her dress in comfortably, particularly if the dress has a long train. It is also important to know how many bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys you'll be having so you know how many wedding cars you'll need. If you want to stick to the traditional two wedding cars then why not consider hiring a seven or 11-seater limousine as your wedding car?

Wet Weather
No one wants it on their wedding day but the weather is the one thing you cannot control, and that's why it's better to be safe than sorry. Check with the wedding car hire company that they will provide an umbrella for the bride and her father and the bridesmaid in case it is raining when you arrive at the ceremony.

Open Top Cars
Open Top Cars With open top cars - think HAIR! On longer routes or if the weather isn't perfect, we'll often suggest that part of the journey is completed with the "hood" up. This isn't always required, but on some occasions you'll be thankful!

Planning The Route
Do not under estimate time. Take into account weekend traffic especially in the city.

Ensure your chauffers pre plan the route to get you to the wedding safely and on time. Most wedding car hire companies have a back up plan but in case a problem arrises be smart have your own back up plan.

 Things To Ask The Company

What Does The Package Include?
What does the package include? Do not assume it includes complimentary champagne and red carpet, have this clarified.

How Long Have You Been In Business?
This will assure you the wedding car hire company will still be around come the most important day of your life.

Is your company registered as a Chauffeur Business?
Make sure the wedding car hire company is registered.

Can I Have Some Client Testimonials?
Does the wedding car hire company come recommended.

Are You Supplying All The Vehicles Directly?
Be mindful that some car hire companies sub contract wedding cars from other operators. This provides opportunity for mix- ups to occur, as the more people that are involved in the transaction, the more complicated it can be. To reduce any potential problems ensure that the wedding car you select is actually owned by the operator. Also make sure that you obtain a guarantee that the wedding car you reserve is the one that you will receive by reserving the specific car you have chosen by its registration number.

Ask if the company has public liability insurance.
Make sure the wedding car hire company has public liability insurance for the cars.

To Confirm All The Details Confirmed In Writing.
Confirm payment method, deposit, and balance upfront and clarify overtime rates to ensure there are no nasty surprises down the track What does the package include? Do not assume it includes complimentary champagne and red carpet, have this clarified.

 Before The Big Day

Check and double check
Last, but certainly not least, make sure you double check all the wedding car arrangements directly with the wedding car hire firm the week before the wedding. This will avoid mix-ups and wedding car disappointment on your big day.